WTR Browser is no longer for sale, all downloads are free of charge.

These are all windows based installers and a antivrus exception maybe required to be made to use this software.

We currently aware that WTR Browser products are showing as containing a virus on certain antivirus, all files are perfectly safe to run or make an exception for and should be taken as a false positive. The choice is ultimately yours if you wish to create an exception for it. If you feel the need to come on to the groups to scream VIRUS, then you will be simply pointed to this page where you downloaded it from. To create and anti virus exception please go here. We also have a web search that will work on any browser if you are not comfortable with the anti virus exception. Click here

Live View (600 downloads)

WTR Browser PRO (666 downloads)

WTR Browser Basic (138 downloads)

Mariner (192 downloads)