I will try and give as much information about the online search portal as possible.

Q: Will you able to make the distance calculator work with the online portal ?

A: No, sorry this won’t allow me to do this feature on here.

Q: Do you plan to add mapping via link to view the result ?

A: No sorry again this feature is not allowed due its protection on the webpage.

Q: Will I able to use this on any device ?

A: Yes it should on any device as long as its got a internet connection and a web browser.

Q: Can I search by two or more methods ?

A; Yes you can search by three methods if you wish, see the search tips for more information.

Q; Will I able to print the list off from the website ?

A: No, the site is copy protected and won’t allow this.

Q: Can I copy and paste the web site information ?

A: No, the site has protection on it to prevent this.

Q: Can I sign into more than one device at a time ?

A: No, only if you purchase a second account with a different email.

Q: Can i swap between devices.

A: Yes of course, use it on any device you like (one login at a time).

Q: Can I share my login details with a friend ?

A: No, it’s against our terms and conditions, your account will be terminated if we find you are sharing.

Q: Some of the emission codes are blank what does this mean ?

A: Ofcom in the start of things didn’t add emission codes, so we have left them blank.

Q: Are the emission codes always correct ?

A: No, the licence holder can change the system to a dmr system from a nfm system without notifying Ofcom. But the general rule if they say they are dmr they normally are.

Q: what does DMR mean?

A: Digital Mobile Radio.

Q: What does nxdn mean ?

A: This is Kenwood’s & Icoms version of dmr

Q: Whats does NFM mean ?

A: Narrow frequency modulation (analogue)

Q: Does the online search portal include ham frequencies ?

A: No, it only contains the Business Radio Database included at this present time.

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