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V 3.1 ofcom added two extra columns which put the parsing out of sync, so update to 3.1 to combat this. Unfortunately this comes at a price, you will no longer be able to view the older csv you created. I will make a little app to view them shortly. However the main thing is that you have all the latest ofcom updates.

V 3.0 fixed a parsing error with grabbing the grid code.

V 2.9 You can now view your edited licence names that you edited yourself, if you click the menu bar at the top and select databases you will see it under edited licence names. You can search the ofcom register by double clicking the result or highlight a delete ones if you wish.

V 2.8 location and postcode search added. When a new licence shows on your list and the address is empty press the result and it will store the location and add to your own database.

V 2.7 Added a location pack, this enables you to view all the locations on a search result without having to click a result to view it. This will work offline also. If you update the ofcom.csv then you will have to click the result to get the address and then it will store. This will not be searchable in the actual search, you will still have to use the current method, it will just simply tell you the location without having to click the result.

Added a edit licence name button, as we know ofcom rarely names the licence in the name of the actual identity of the user. You can now select a result and press the edit licence name button and then change it, it will then store that on your machine and anytime you search you will know its the one you changed. If you update your ofcom.csv it will not remove these changes. You will not be able to search for that name under the name search as its not changing the ofcom.csv file, its creating a text file to store it.

Export feature now lets you output of your choice and file name, just simply set the location and press which ones you want to select or press select all and it will save the csv to a choice of yours.

V 2.6 Removed auto updates to make more anti virus friendly, you now have to update manually for the program and ofcom database.

Added donation button. ** coming soon export options**

V 2.5 Added a feature where if the frequency is less than a month old it will show in the tx/rx column as **NEW**. This is by default on loading but you can change it if you like and anything after that date you set will show **NEW** in the asterisk column. a few bug fixes where if you created a new search the last address would still show until you clicked a new one. On cancelling a search it would still say populating list. If parse address wasn’t ticked you could still try and use the Google Street map and Open Street map and it would fail.

V 2.4 Live View will now parse the full UK & Northern Ireland address on clicking a result, press the parse address on clicking result radio button and select a result and the full address will show on the line you selected and in label below the search buttons. I’ve also added Google Street View to help confirm those finds & Open Street Map as they have excellent place names on the mapping. Added a little update notify which will either show green or red, green your version is current, red out of date. A message will appear on now on loading if you are out of date, its totally up to you if you update.

V 2.3 Now totally fixed the coordinates not parsing correctly, it now uses google to parse the correct data. Please ignore the information below and if your coordinates are incorrect to the miles just enter your postcode again. Sorry for an inconvenience.

V 2.2 A bug has been reported that some locations distances were not correct setting as N W only, unfortunately this is a bug within the website used that omits the Northing Eastings off. So as quick fix if your distance seem correct you can go to settings click the View Coodinates button and your web browser will launch and enter your postcode and your coodinates will appear on the top of the map, you then just need to edit the coordinates 52°24’26.6″N 1°31’15.8″W by replacing the N or W with the correct one but leave the rest of digits in place. Im looking for permanent fix for this, this is only temporary.

V 2.1 You can now create a daily wtr.csv, instead of overwriting the wtr.csv it will create date stamp wtr 02.08.2020.csv and them to a list and the list will keep growing. Using this feature will take up disk space as its creating a new file every time it updates. Click settings to tick to turn on/off, it is off by default. (see help page for more information). Ive now included a secondary database that will require zero results to search it, for example if you search currently for 462.475 it will return zero results as this is not a business radio frequency, it belongs to the UK Gen family. But clicking yes to search the Static.csv will search that database also. You can select to search that database also manually by clicking the sector drop down top left. Full instructions can be found on the help page. Whats included in the Static.csv ? Area assigned, Ham Radio, Digital 446, Analogue 446, Family Radio, Baofeng, General Mobile Radio, UK Gen, Marine, Outside Broadcast, Polycon, Pocsag.

V 2.0 Rebuilt the distance calculator, its now slashed the time to nothing, so your speed search will increase massively. You will need to re-enter your postcode to set your coordinates to the correct method. Increased the distance filter to 40 miles.

V 1.9 Fixed a bug with export database if the name contained a comma it would put an extra column in the csv. Added a remove MHz feature in the settings so on exporting it removes it from the csv. Fixed a bug when checking the version update once loaded it wouldn’t give you an true update check, but on loading it would check correctly.

V 1.8 You can plot all results on an external map or google earth, please see the YouTube video by click the help tab and view the video. Added a default reset button.

V 1.7 You can now filter the distance you wish your results to appear, you must have the distance calculator enabled for this to work. Select the distance that you require to use (30 miles max) and this will remove anything above what you set. I’ve also added a transmit remove feature that if selected it will only place the receive frequency in the results, this is to help reduce duplicates in the results. It don’t actually remove the transmit frequency as ofcom duplicate them in the original file. The ofcom csv will now automatically update on start up.

V 1.6 You can now get the distance between you and the licence holders location. Re-enter your postcode in the grid box and press Grid(click me) and this will set your coordinates. You can either use the tick box to get all results or just single click a result. No internet connection is required for this option.

V 1.5 Added a stop button if you wish to stop your search if taking too long. Fixed an error where if the grid code was empty it and you doubled clicked a result a message box would appear.

V 1.4 Put some error proofing in for an incorrect grid code being set.

V 1.3 Fixed an issue that would the database to omit the . out of the .csv or .txt. Added a how many results before it starts parsing, then keeps counting the results so you know how far its gone.

V1.2 Public release

V 1.1 Second Beta release

V 1.0 Beta release