Live View is a FREE Windows utility to find the latest frequencies released by ofcom for the UK & Northern Ireland, it also includes Ham Radio frequencies, Area Assigned, Digital 446, Analogue 446. Baofeng, Pocsag, General Mobile Radio, UK Gen, Family Radio, Polycon.

Ofcom release frequencies to the general public and update the database regularly, this database is released in excel .csv format and filtering to get the business radio sector is not for the fainted hearted.

So Live View has been developed to make the searching easy and being able to update the database yourself by the press of a button. This makes this program unique as being able to update the database for free of charge is almost unheard of.

You can also export all the results or hand pick the ones you want to save.

Get full address for the result for the UK & Northern Ireland.

Search by location & postcode.

View antenna type and height.

The program for general searching doesn’t require an internet connection or Microsoft Excel to carry out searches.

You will require an internet connection to update and view its location and mapping.

Unlike WTR Browser PRO this allows you to update yourself so you’re always up to date with the latest database.

You set your grid reference code by entering your postcode and that will narrow your searches to your local area. You can then search for new licences by clicking the date picker and press search or you can use other search features like frequency or licence name.

I’ve made a helpful introduction video for you to view which may answer some of your questions that you may have. Click me to view video

This FREE utility will continue to work as long as ofcom provide the csv file for download. You can distribute free of charge and share its contents to who ever you like.

No limits on searching, no limits on exporting, no limits on creating databases, smart filtering, view distance between you and the licence holder, map plotting.

And its totally FREE, no spyware, no adware just a short splash at start up.