USB Stick

What’s is so different with our USB stick ?

Our USB stick does not contain the offline counter and can be used on windows computers without having to transfer it. It is more for the professional user rather than every day normal use.

It has all the same functions as the PRO version but a carry anywhere solution.

All the files needed are included in the package and will be sent first class recorded delivery.

We Offer a discount to people who have purchased WTR Browser before of £35.00 or £40.00 for new customers.

Terms and conditions.


The USB stick is for personal use only and not intended for commercial use.

The USB stick has a 1 year warranty included that will that on return of the broken USB stick it will be replaced.
The warranty will be void if the USB stick has been damaged in any way, water damage, shock damage, power surges,
and if any of the security seals have been tampered with.

WTRB will not pay for any return postage out of warranty.

After your warranty has expired, you may return the USB stick if faulty and a replacement will be shipped out back to
you at cost price (at your cost including postage). If the USB stick fails after the warranty expires and you do not wish to
return the USB a full purchase will be required.

If you have a replacement USB stick and that also fails and you are willing to return the USB
stick that will also be replaced at cost price (at your cost including postage).

Failure to send the faulty USB back will result in a new full purchase.
Some computers may require run time files to be installed to make wtrb work, admin rights will be required for the installation. (run time fies included on USB stick.)

All returns must be sent by recorded signed for delivery and a tracking number supplied.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

WTRB reserves the right to withdraw from sale at any time without prior notice.

Any cloned copies of the USB stick will be traced back to the original purchaser and legal action will be taken against
the purchaser.

Questions and answers:
Q: Can wtrb be copied on to the hard drive and used.
A: No, it can only work off the USB stick.
Q: Can I clone the USB and use the cloned USB.
A: No, wtrb is locked to that USB stick.
Q: Has the USB version got a offline counter.
A: No, there are no limits on the offline searches.
Q: Will it work offline.
A: Yes it will work completely offline.
Q: What size memory does the USB stick have.
A: 16gb of memory.
Q: What speed is the memory stick.
A: Currently 3.0 and is backwards compatible, so it will work on older pcs too.
Q: Will this work as a normal hard drive version.
A: Yes, it has all the same features as the hard drive version.
Q: Will the USB version update.
A: Yes it will update the same as the hard drive version.
Q: Will the USB stick work on any windows machine.
A: No, this will not work on windows XP. It will work on Vista, win7 win8 win10.
Q: Will the USB stick work on Mac or Android or Virtual Machine.
A: No, this software is for Windows machines only.
Q: Will I need to activate this on every machine I use.
A: No, it should activate on any pc without an internet connection.
Q: How will I receive my USB stick.
A: The USB stick will be sent by 1st class recorded signed for.

By purchasing you agreeing to the terms and conditions.