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10.1 Auto update was giving new users an error on updating and restoring an older version. Apologies for that.

10.0 Grid ref empty was causing a program crash. Run time error 91 fixed.

9.9 Bug fix on program crashing on search.

9.8 WTR Browser is now free.

Removed sharing rules

Removed offline counter

Removed captcha type code from alpha tags

Added all details to the google earth pin.

All protection removed.

9.7 New database added. You now have a fixed database called Business Radio Fixed All Grids, this is a gridded database like the old dated ones but this will overwrite the database, this saves releasing new builds and causing anti virus headaches. A full break down of how it works are on the Facebook group.

9.6 New database. Captcha code removed from the end of the alpha tags. Removed fast lane updates.

9.5 Fixed a bug selecting all grids on the business radio 17 Feb 2020, this would not allow to search all grids.

Removed find grid finder from the links page as we now have a postcode search.

Added a help video for the exporting to the Sentinel software ubcd3600, the video explains how to export via wtrb using this free software. You can also use the single freq and single name on the large lists export page to bulk copy and paste.

9.4 Business radio database 17/02/2020

9.3 Whistler auto mode picked from the database, it will now pick its mode i.e nfm/dmr/nxdn and add it to the export as that mode.

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