WTR Browser PRO

The ultimate business radio database.

Regular database updates.

Postcode searchable.

Location searchable.

Licence name searchable.

Frequency searchable.

Licence number searchable.

Find Trunked frequencies.

Street mapping.

Quick mapping.

Search by grid reference or by all grids.

Switch between databases with ease.

Get distance between you and the repeater location.

Create export databases for the Whistler + Chirp + Anytone.

Smart filtering of found frequencies.

Emission codes see if dmr, nxdn, tetra, nfm, at time of applied licence.

Scanner hook ups, connect your whistler, sdr or certain models of uniden to automatically search

WTR Browser for its found frequency.

Copy to clipboard options.

Google licence holder, searches google for the licence holder name.

Find shop watch frequencies, pmr, short term hire, fire brigade, radio amateur.

Add notes to any frequency.

Now mobile device searchable with Dropbox, get your search results directly on your mobile device within seconds. It’s as easy as leaving WTRB running on your machine and edit a file in your Dropbox and the results will be uploaded to your account. No laptop to carry about just your smart phone or tablet.

Google earth creator now plots your results on google earth.

SDRuno compatible, use wtrb to create s1b lists and tune your sdr.

SDRSharp compatible, create frequencies.xml to tune your SDRSharp.

Mobile device needed and not included.

A Windows computer is needed for this software

UK & Northern Ireland only.


We currently aware that WTR Browser PRO is showing as containing a virus on certain antivirus, this file is perfectly safe to run or make an exception for and should be taken as a false positive. The choice is ultimately yours if you wish to create an exception for it. If you feel the need to come on to the groups to scream VIRUS, then you will be simply pointed to this page where you downloaded it from. To create and anti virus exception please go here.